Many Opportunities to Stay Connected...

April 14, 2020 - WSS Staff

Many Opportunities to Stay Connected and Involved... Remotely

When many of us left campus in ths spring, I don't think anyone foresaw the challenges of remote learning and teaching. As the campus has ramped up its online resources for students and faculty to continue engagement in their educational endeavors and progress to degree, we in Student Affairs and Services have been thinking strategically and innovatively about maintaining student involvement, leadership, and co-curricular engagement experiences. 

In this ZINE, you will read below about many ways that our office, Women*s Student Services, our colleagues in the LBGTRC and Rec Sports, and student organizations like RHA and ASMSU have re-imagined our regular in-person offerings as virtual opportunities to keep students engaged and connected.

While we know that online/remote learning takes up a lot of your time, we want to encourage you to also connect (to the extent that you are able) with the student organizations, groups, and departments with whom you have built relationships and community. This sense of connection and belonging, perhaps now more than ever, is vital. 

We are happy to collaborate with your student organization and come present a virtual workshop (like the one above pictured that our director conducted a few weeks ago with the MSU Panhellenic Presidents). Just send us an email!

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