WSS Stands in Solidarity with Black Communities

June 3, 2020 - Heather and Gabby

Women*s Student Services at Michigan State University is deeply outraged by the continuation of racist and violent actions toward Black and African American communities in the United States. We, along with MSU, hold ourselves and our communities accountable for social change and acknowledge the pain and inequities caused by racism. We specifically acknowledge the heavy toll this places on Blacks and African Americans. 

The staff of WSS want you to know that we see you, we hear you, and above all: we value you. We care about you, and we want to make sure you know you always have support in WSS. We encourage you to reach out should you need anything. The staff of Women*s Student Services is here to listen to the folx that need it most. If you are interested in talking with us and getting some kind of support via conversation (over Zoom), please schedule a virtual office hours appointment here.

As two cisgender white women, we also acknowledge that as white allies, we enter this conversation with considerable privilege. For other allies who may be feeling powerless right now, please do not task your friends and colleagues of color to educate you right now. Don’t assume that people of color have the emotional bandwidth to start a conversation. But, you can let them know you care for and love them.

Finally, instead of endless scrolling and re-posting outrage on social media, consider taking direct action, donating to show your support, or educating yourself by reading, or watching films/documentaries. We’ve included several suggestions below. 


If you are interested in DONATING to show your support (in no particular order):


If you are interested in TAKING ACTION:

  • Text FLOYD to 55156 to demand all four officers involved with Floyd’s murder be charged and arrested
  • Contact your congresspeople and ask to support Representatives Pressley and Omar in their resolution condemning police brutality
  • Get takeout from your local Black-owned restaurants - here are some ideas for those in Michigan 
  • Safely participate in a protest 

If you want to READ:

  • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
  • How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X Kendi
  • The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
  • Dear White People by Justin Simien 
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

If you want to WATCH something:

  • 13th (Netflix)
  • American Son (Netflix)
  • Dear White People (Netflix)
  • If Beale St Could Talk (Hulu)
  • King in the Wilderness (HBO)
  • See You Yesterday (Netflix)
  • The Hate U Give (Cinemax)
  • When They See Us (Netflix)
  • Just Mercy (Amazon Prime)

    *these suggestions are from social media posts that have been floating around

These are not stand alone actions that can be completed. Instead, they are ways to to begin or continue to support the Black community. The real way to end racism, police brutality, and violence is to learn about the root of the problem: implicit bias from a history of racism in the world that is continually perpetuated today through systems of oppression. The only way we know how to chip away at this is to have dialogues with those that are close to you, and help your personal communities not be part of the problem. 


-Gabby & Heather