TOTD: Zoom Fatigue is Real

${datePretty} - Gabby Wahla

Zoom fatigue is real. Many students sit at their computers all day, spend their class times on Zoom, attend student organization meetings on Zoom, and maybe even work on Zoom. On top of all of those online requirements, many social aspects are also now held online. 

Yesterday, I clocked 12 hours on various screens. Whether that was Zoom classes or meetings, watching Netflix, or scrolling on social media, my eyes are getting tired of looking at screens today. Zoom performativity is another factor that many of us face with a camera on us for hours a day. It’s hard to not be self critical and feel hopeless!

Anyone else sick of waking up every day to just be around their computer? Us too! While we know you might be sick of people saying they’ll be there for you if you need them, please know that we in WSS sincerely are here for you if you want to talk, want us to develop a fun program, or anything!

We want to ensure you know on these resources from to ensure your wellness, mentally and physically:

While we can’t give you many in-person options, we hope that you are taking care of yourself and balancing how much time you are allowing yourself in front of a screen. Go for a walk, read a book, make dinner! Do something for you that makes you happy!


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